Thursday, May 28, 2009

It Profit A Man Nothing To Gain The Whole World.

You know the rest, I hope.

Cutie the beach-blanket groper evidently doesn't. It seems that Father Oprah will join commit acts of schism and heresy and be received into the Episcopal Church on Tuesday. It is also expected that he will announce his forthcoming putative marriage. (Being in Holy Orders, he cannot validly contract marriage without laicization.) He is chucking the Faith established by Christ for one founded on adultery and the manipulation of the Faith for the service of the state and has progressively jettisoned what little remained of apostolic teaching in its endless quest to accommodate the world.

Pardon me if I doubt the sincerity of his 'conversion'. Caught in the act of serial fornication, he found himself in the position of either giving up his squeeze or his position as Father Oprah. "Hey, I'll just go over to the Episcopalians. Then I can do whatever I want!" King Henry would be proud.

Unfortunately, by doing this, he has abandoned the Faith of the Apostles. He has separated himself from the See of Peter and entered the cesspool of heresy that is Episcopalianism. What a horrible trade! He has also revealed himself as a rather vacuous person who can change his faith at the drop of a thong.

If I may paraphrase the words of Thomas More to Richard Rich in A Man For All Seasons, "It profit a man nothing to gain the whole world and loose his soul. But, for a piece of tail?"
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