Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Would Like To Thanks All The Little People...

who I browbeat into voting for me in the 2009 Cannonball Awards.

Looks like I won Best Blog By A Religious... Not Fr. Z. (Maybe this should be renamed, Blog By Priest Who Needs to pray more.)

I also won Best Blog That Needs To Be Updated More Often. (I promise to do all in my power to deserve this award in the coming year.)

And now for the sour grapes.

In the category of Bat Shit Crazy, I came in third behind The Diginatrix and The Crescat herself. (Personally, I think they had unfair advantages. Digi is an ex-patriot New Yawker and lawyer living in the OC with two kids. Kat is a single mother who works with an Enya addict. Of course they come across more BSC!)

I was whipped fair and square by the Bonnie Blue Flag Waving Southern Appeal in the Church Militant Category, thus demonstrating the power of pulled-pork BBQ, sweet tea, and grits. I will thus emulate that great American General Robert E. Lee and concede defeat with gracious dignity.
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