Wednesday, April 01, 2009

There Is No US Church.

There is however the Church in the US.

This observation brought about by the title of an article, " A Critical Moment: Barack Obama, Notre Dame and the future of the U.S. church", in the Journal of the Religious Barry O'Bama Fan Club aka America Magazine by the retired Archbishop of SF John R. Quinn. (I have mixed feeling about His Grace. On the one hand, his theology is problematic to say the least. On the other, he preached the best homily on the priesthood I have ever heard. This was at the SLC 1994 Chrism Mass. At the Mass, Quinn also refused to water down the re-commitment of priestly promises by adding the laity, religious, and deacons.) The jist of the article seems to be that if the invitation is withdrawn it will make people think badly of the Church. He also inserts a little non sense that, "Will the banishment of the first African-American president from Catholic university campuses be seen as grossly insensitive to the heritage of racial hatred which has burdened our country for far too long?" I get it. If one stands up to Obama for any reason, one is ipso facto a racist. Yawn.
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