Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Notre Dame President Clueless"

(from LifeSite News: gotta read LifeSite News because baby-killing, amateur proctologist priest Raymond Gravel doesn't want me to.)

SOUTH BEND, Indiana, April 21, 2009 ( - University of Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins heaped fuel on the fire yesterday by gushing that President Obama's highly controversial platform at the school's commencement would be a "tremendous event" for Notre Dame.

"We are very proud and honored to welcome the first African-American President of the United States in a few weeks as our commencement speaker," said Fr. Jenkins at a town hall meeting celebrating 60 years of black student-athletes at Notre Dame, according to the South Bend Tribune. Obama will also be receiving an honorary law degree from the school during the May 17 commencement exercises.

This guy is clueless; absolutely, irrevocably, and amazingly clueless. (BTW Father, pride is a sin.)
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