Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Visit From The Obama "Truth" Squad.

No, I haven't disappeared. I just needed to get over Christmas, a very bad cold, a spate of funerals, and some rather nasty grief I have been receiving. Also, I have been living in dread of the upcoming coronation.

Anyway, the Salt Lake Tribune religion editor called earlier in the week and asked me to make a comment on the incoming presidency. (I think she wanted a divergent opinion.) Here is what I said.

My prayer is that God will enlighten him, keep him safe and help him do a good job. I didn't vote him, and didn't want him but he is our president and I will pray for him and support him in whatever way I can. My fear is that he will undo all the pro-life advances under Bush such as reversing the policy not to fund overseas abortions or reinstituting Bill Clinton's allowance of abortions on military bases. I also very afraid of justices he might appoint to the Supreme Court, including some who come down on the side of ACLU on the separation of church and state. I just hope I'm wrong.

Relatively restrained I thought. But apparently not restrained enough for the Obamabots. I had a 'nice' message on my answering machine this evening from a fellow who was very upset at my comments. I guess this will be what it will be like for the next four years. Criticize the One and the truth squad will be all over you.
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