Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Visit From The Truth Squad.

This came via email from the Northwest:

Dear Father Richtsteig,
My husband and I were in town from Seattle Wa. the day your comments appeared in the paper. Needless to say we were embarrassed as catholics.
No one cares who you voted for or who you wanted in office.
It appears you are the one who needs enlightenment. You are in your appointed position to serve the faithful. Being the only negative contributor did not sit well with any of our friends to whom we shown your "piece". A little graciousness and support would have been the appropriate response. Your behavior only gives credience to those people leaving the church. You are not speaking for the faithful Father, you are speaking for yourself. That was not the intent of The Tribune. Your bad manners reflect badly on those of us who know better. I
I will pray for your humility.

Here is my response,

Dear _____,
I do not claim to speak for the faithful. That is not the job of a priest. When the Tribune called, they knew that I, like many, have grave reservations about the President's policies as reflected in his campaign promises and statements, which have only been substantiated by the records of his cabinet appointees so far. They did not ask for congratulations, etc....
I would call you attention to the fact that I said I will support him, I any way that I am morally able. However, I cannot and will not support him on his stated policies which are contrary to the teaching of the Church--policies which will affect the most innocent and vulnerable among us. Further, I will not keep silent on this for fear I might offend someone whose political sensibilities may be stronger than their faith.
I appreciate your prayers for my humility be assured on mine in return,

I suppose I should also mention that my Mass today was offered for President Obama.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Visit From The Obama "Truth" Squad.

No, I haven't disappeared. I just needed to get over Christmas, a very bad cold, a spate of funerals, and some rather nasty grief I have been receiving. Also, I have been living in dread of the upcoming coronation.

Anyway, the Salt Lake Tribune religion editor called earlier in the week and asked me to make a comment on the incoming presidency. (I think she wanted a divergent opinion.) Here is what I said.

My prayer is that God will enlighten him, keep him safe and help him do a good job. I didn't vote him, and didn't want him but he is our president and I will pray for him and support him in whatever way I can. My fear is that he will undo all the pro-life advances under Bush such as reversing the policy not to fund overseas abortions or reinstituting Bill Clinton's allowance of abortions on military bases. I also very afraid of justices he might appoint to the Supreme Court, including some who come down on the side of ACLU on the separation of church and state. I just hope I'm wrong.

Relatively restrained I thought. But apparently not restrained enough for the Obamabots. I had a 'nice' message on my answering machine this evening from a fellow who was very upset at my comments. I guess this will be what it will be like for the next four years. Criticize the One and the truth squad will be all over you.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009