Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Initial Post Election Comments.

May God help us. The majority of the people of America have spoken. Fundamentally, they have spoken against life and the Gospel and for the culture of death and secularity. (Though I think a good many simply said, Hey this guy will give me stuff and stick it to the rich.) It also shows what the unrelenting partisanship of the media can do and that yes you can buy an election. While it would be tempting to crawl under a rock (I dread the inaugural celebrations. Remember the love fest Hollywood did for Carter?), we have work to do. We need to fight tooth and nail everything that is contrary to the Gospel or injurious to our country, beginning with the FOCA act. (I also hope Senate Republicans develop a pair.)

Most of all, we need to pray. First, pray for Obama's conversion. Second, pray for Obama's frustration. Third, pray for his safety. (Yes, there are likely some nuttjobs who want to assassinate him. Aside from the fact that no one should be murdered, the thought of him as a martyr is truly chilling.)

Lastly, it is my fervent prayer that the media and popular culture will treat President Obama with the same respect and fair-mindedness they have show President Bush over the last eight years.
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