Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Great Step Forward? My @#$!

A comment by a friend of mine on Roman Catholic Blog upon Bishop Gregory's post election statement:

"the election of Mr Obama was "a great step forward for humanity..."

Really, Archbishop Gregory? The greatest pro-abort presidential candidate and who has vowed to pass the Freedom of Choice Act, is a great step forward for humanity? Towards where, Archbishop? Is is the same "where", that President Obama referred to in his victory speech when he stated "I promise you, we as a people will get there."?

If a white presidential candidate with an equally horrific abortion record was elected last night, would you Archbishop Gregory, think that it was a great step forward for humanity as well?

Let us recognize prejudice when it rears its ugly head. Let us not sacrifice the moral absolute truths of our Christian Faith for the supposed advancement of one's own race. What answer at the Last Judgment will one give to the many more Black infants aborted in their mother's womb under Obama's Presidency? It advanced our humanity?

Where was the Catholic vote for the only pro-life Catholic nominee who happens to be Black, Allen Keyes?

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