Friday, August 29, 2008

Yet Another Reason I Have Little Use For The USCCB.

In the California Catholic Daily, there is this little item about some called the Matthew 25 Network. These cool-aid sellers want to convince us that the Obamanation is the fulfillment of Our Lord's command of charity (by putting failed government programs on steroids of course not to mention getting rid of those pesky unborn.) Who is a mover and shaker in this group? One Sharon Daly, onetime mover and shaker at the USCCB.

“People like myself get a lot of attention when we talk about issues like abortion and family life, but not when we talk about helping low-income people,” Sharon Daly, a former vice president of Catholic Charities USA and onetime director of domestic social policy for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, told the Monitor. “Matthew 25 gives us the opportunity to try to get candidates to focus on these concerns.”

Obama, Daly told the Monitor, “says he found his Christian faith while working as a community organizer among low-income people in a Catholic-sponsored program.” (I bet this is more of your Catholic Campaign for Human Development dollars at work.)

Somehow, I doubt that she talks much about abortion or family life. She seems to be one of those seamless garment types who gives lip service to fundamental moral principles but seems more concerned with building up the welfare state.
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