Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I Have Been Up To.

Yes, I have been learning the Extraordinary Form. Unfortunately, I have been unable to go to any of the training sessions held around the country. (Most of them are held during wedding season, which makes my attendance all but impossible.) So, I have been studying the rubrics and watching videos. Recently, I realized I had reached the limit of what I could learn by doing that, so I have progressed to hands-on walkthroughs. (I find it much easier to learn things while I am doing them.)

Curiously, I find the Extraordinary Form more difficult to learn than the Maronite Rite was. I think it is because the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms are just similar enough to encourage confusion.

Anyway, it is progressing well. I am looking at October for the first public celebration and we will see what interest there is in the parish. (At last, decades of rescuing missals, altar cards, and vestments will bear fruit.)
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