Saturday, August 02, 2008

Soggy Fish Sandwich Sunday.

Yup, it is the Eighteenth Sunday of the Year during the A cycle of readings. This means the Gospel reading is the multiplication of the loaves. This also meaning that throughout the Modernist world dipsticks, some well-meaning others not, are preaching the soggy fish sandwich story. This explains away the miracles by saying, "Jesus didn't really multiply the loaves. He was just such a good person that everyone shared the bread and fish they had brought with them. Sharing was the real miracle." Thank you, Barney. (The title for this explanation comes from Fr. Benedict Groeschel CFR.) Aside from being an assault on the plain meaning of Sacred Scripture, it is an indirect assault on the doctrine of the Real Presence. The multiplication of the loaves was a prefiguring of the Holy Eucharist. In other words, this is heresy.

So, if you should encounter any homilizing this weekend I encourage you to follow the example of my friend Miss Diane Q.. A few years ago after hearing a soggy homily, after Mass she marched up to the offending deacon and stongly, but charitably, explained to him what was wrong with this. Let no heresy go unchallenged!
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