Monday, August 04, 2008

Musing Of A Sleep Deprived Monday.

Didn't get much sleep last night and I don't know why. What little I did get was interrupted by the 50 pound Gunny wanting to go outside at 3:00 a. m.. So when I woke up, I was semi-comatose. When I said my first Mass I was semi-comatose, but as it was for St. Jean Marie Vianney, my patron and whose relics lie in our altar, I gave it the old seminary try. Afterwards, the blessed caffeine hit my system. (Did you know that if I drank over 340 cans of Diet Pepsi at one sitting, I would die of caffeine toxicity?) This was followed by a visit from our stained glass maker. He brought the plans for the rest of the windows in the church: 4 seraphim, an alpha, an omega, and the eight days of creation. They will be wonderful! The afternoon was spent visiting the sick. I was able to have a nice conversation with an old friend from Carbon County and received some good advice from some kind parishioners. (I think the later was a gift from the Cure of Ars.) Then I visited Mary's Muse and her new spudlet #8, a beautiful 7 pound baby girl who is adored by her parents and siblings. Lastly, the evening Mass. I think it will soon be time for sleep.
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