Friday, July 18, 2008

Why I Trust Vox Clara.

I occured to me today that some of you might wonder why I trust the work of the Vox Clara commission in the re-translation of the Ordinary Form of the liturgy into English. There are several reasons. First, their mandate and principles of translation are founded on accuracy not the previous theory of dynamic equivalence, which leads to paraphrase that is highly subject to ideological distortion. (See the systematic suppression of the idea of sacrifice in the current translation.) Second, it is headed by Cardinal Pell. He is smart and more importantly completely orthodox in his understanding of the Faith. Third, and in many ways most personally significant, one of the members of the commission is Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB, who was taught us Fundamental and Liturgical Theology at the seminary. He is a monk of Mt. Angel Abbey who currently teaches half-time at Mt. Angel and half-time in Rome. Not only is he a top-flight theologian, but he is also a poet--which means that not only does he understand the meaning of the texts, but he is able to put this understanding into faithful and beautiful language. In short, I trust that anything Fr. Jeremy works on will be first-rate. He also has written a great little book on understanding the Mass. I highly recommend it.

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