Friday, July 25, 2008

Victory Through Technology

in the never-ending battle against the skate-punks.
They never quit. Each year we have several hundred dollars in vandalism by the little SOBs. Put bumps on the rails, they come and grind them off. Video surveillance, the disable the cameras. And if they get hurt, guess who is liable. Add to this the fact the we are not responsible for providing entertainment for them. The other day the Tara-rist had to run off two carloads of the little @#$@s.
Well no more! As no one has provided me with a mini-Predator drone, I have decided to develop my own skate-punk trap based on that most useful and entertaining device, the backyard bug-zapper. Of course, it needs to be altered for the new target. First, it must be larger. I think 6 feet tall with do. Second, bright light won't attract them. So instead, we will use a pony keg and a couple of cases of red bull. Third, the voltage needs to be ramped up--220 v. should do.
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