Monday, July 07, 2008

One Please.

Here at Saint James the Just, we have LOTS of babies. (Which is a lot of fun because I can play with them all and then hand them back to their parents when they get cranky or have produced toxic waste. Score for celibacy!) As the little guys get older, the start to notice that their parents are receiving something they aren't in the Communion line. Usually, they start reaching for the Host. Sometimes, they are even more creative.

Andrew is about two years old. (He is also the nephew of an Alhambra Carmelite.) He has been reaching for the Host for some time and has noticed that it hasn't gotten him anywhere. Two weeks ago after I had blessed him and was giving his mother the Host, he held up one finger and said, clear as a bell, "One please!" This was bad because the priest really shouldn't be laughing while distributing Holy Communion.

As I said before, the pastoral fun never stops.
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