Monday, June 02, 2008

How Do You Rate On The Dick (McBrien) Scale?

The Creative Miner-or-ity informs us that Dicky McB is spewing forth on the crack down by spine-ful bishops on dissenting Catholics (i. e. heretics) being granted honors by Catholic institutions. Seem that the South Bend Dick is upset that the crack down is only on those who dissent from matters that Catholics must believe. He wants a crackdown on those who dissent from what he thinks they should believe. In other words, matters which are genuinely debatable.

Get out a pencil and paper and see how you rank on the Dick Scale? ( Give yourself a point for each statement that applies to you.)

1. I support the War Against Terror in Iraq.
2. I oppose open borders and unregulated immigration.
3. I think man-caused Global Warming is a crock of #$().
4. I refuse to celebrate Earth Day or worship Gaia.
5. I support the use of Capital Punishment.
Extra Credit. I think the norms of Ex Corde Ecclesia ought to be enforced.

Lets see how you rank:

5-6 Not a Dick.
3-4 Still not a Dick, but it looks like you are listening to too much NPR.
2-1 Semi-Dick. Put down the NCR.
0 Dick.
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