Friday, April 18, 2008

I Say, You Say Meme.

BMP at Christus Vincit puts forward this fun meme:

1. That shiny metal stuff that you use to wrap food with:
A. Aluminum foil / B. Tin foil / C. Reynolds Wrap

B. Tin Foil.

2. That clear plastic stuff that is also used to wrap food with:
A. Plastic wrap / B. Saran wrap / C. Glad wrap

B. Saran Wrap.

3. Those things you use for facial and nasal care:
A. Tissues / B. Kleenex / C. Snot rags

D. Shirt Sleeve.

4. The stringy pasta that you eat with meatballs:
A. Spaghetti / B. P'sghetti / C. Noodles

A. Spaghetti.

5. Those wooden sticks you see in a chips bag:
A. Pretzel / B. Prentzel / C. Sticks

A. Pretzel.

6. That mammoth trunked animal in the zoo:
A. Elephant / B. Elly-Phahnt / C. Wooly mammoth

D. Ephalump.

7. The room in the house you have to use at least once a day:
A. The bathroom / B. The rest room / C. The little boys'/girls' room / D. The can

E. The Crapatorium.

8. The paper you use after using the room described in question #7:
A. Toilet paper / B. Bath (or bathroom) tissue / C. Butt wipe

D. The National Catholic Reporter

9. Your classification of a passenger van (full-sized or mini), besides van:
A. Car / B. Truck / C. Bus

D. BMW (Big Mormon Wagon--A Utah Thing.)

10. OK, finally, something relating to liturgical music - your classification of a Hammond organ:
A. Instrument / B. Appliance / C. Furniture

D. A weapon of Mass destruction.
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