Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Name Meme (Part III).

My third middle name is Athanasius. This is my confirmation name. If I ever entered religious life, this would be my preferred name. (Malachi would be a close second.) Also, if I were ever elected Pope, this would be my 'pope name'. (Yes, I know that there has never been one, but face it, it would scare the crap out of the heretics.)
A-AB+, my blood type.
T-(St.) Thomas Aquinas, my favorite theologian.
H-Hohenzollern, the Prussian royal family that needs to be restored.
A- (St.) Anthony of Padua, patron of my last parish.
N- Nerd, no explanation necessary.
A- AR-15, a fun rifle.
S- Sam, my secretary's youngest son. (OK, I am hitting the bottom of the barrel.)
I- Igor, not a character in the original Frankenstein movie.
U- Utah, where I was born and where I live. Also, home of America's most powerful weirdos.
S- Saturn, the brand of car I drive.

And now I am done with this #$#%#ing meme!!
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