Sunday, March 02, 2008

Name Meme (Part II)

Gem rightly guessed that I would have either multiple middle names or a big middle name, but for the wrong reason. It is not due to my krautitude, but rather to the fact that I became a Catholic as a (semi) adult. Middle name #2 is my baptismal name.

P- Papist. (Yes, I am aware that this was originally an insult, but I still like it.)
E- Erasmus. A saint whose feast was on my birthday under the pre-1970 calendar.
T- Toughy. The name of my childhood bulldog.
E- Ecumenical. What I am not; at least in the conventional sense.
R- Roman. (See letter P).

(Apologies for the sparse posting of late. The Gunny puppy is occupying a lot of my time.)
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