Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Be A Parent To Your Kids: They Have Enough Friends Already.

I always include this point when I preach/teach on the family. Too many parents try to be friends/buddies to their kids instead of being what the kids really need, parents. Children need parents to discipline, protect, guide, and respect.

Those in authority in the Church need to remember this also. Pastors need to be fathers to their flocks, not brothers, not 'one of the boys'. We are called 'father' for a reason.

Much the same can be said of the relationship of bishops to priests. It needs to be paternal, not fraternal. We priests have many priest brothers, but only (normally) have one father/bishop. Many bishops opt for the fraternal. Bernardin introduced himself to Chicago saying, "I am your brother Joseph." (MEEEP--wrong answer.) Even the Old ICEL translation of the Chrism Mass gets this one wrong. (Oh how I long to dance on the grave of Old ICEL and the Consilium.) The Latin for the bishop's address to his priests correctly translates as "My Dearest Sons". Old ICEL reduces this to "My brother". I am hoping that the new translation fixes this. (As well as putting an end to the monkeying with the Chrism Mass that occurs in some places.) More importantly, I am praying that the false egalitarianism behind this thinking goes the way of the dodo.
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