Monday, March 31, 2008

I Wonder.

The other day the Tara-ist and I were wondering what Vincenzo looks like. It couldn't be like this. Anyone have any other ideas?

Happy 65th Birthday to Christopher Walken.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Eleventh Plague On Egypt

Little known Biblical Fact: If killing the First Born didn't work, God would have made the Egyptians break into small groups and share.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Recommended For Dealing With The Dolts Previously Mentioned

Anti-War Protestors: Immature, Idiotic Punks. Then And Now.

(Says something about their so-called cause, doesn't it?)

Manly Ice Shows.

Easter afternoon, I was over at a parishioner's house. They had several families from the church over. One of the dad's told me about taking his daughter to Disney's Princesses on Ice. I commented that he was going to get a lot of time out of Purgatory for doing that. (The daughter loved it of course.)

This caused me to think about an unserved market; manly ice shows. Ice shows that a guy can go to without wanting to belt-sand his face off. And so without further ado, Orthometer productions announces Die Hard On Ice. Picture John McClean and Hans skating while firing Uzis. Or how about Alien v. Predator: The Ice Wars.

March of the Bunnguins

Click here to watch.

Easter Fire (v. 2008)

( Thanks to the Tara-ist for the photos.) Next year ot has to be bigger!.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Let Us Share With One Another The Sign Of Pilate."

Today we celebrate the institution of the Sacraments of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Holy Orders at the Solemn Mass of the Lord's Supper. At this Mass, the Gospel account of the Last Supper is that according to St. John. This is the only account that does not include the words of institution, but rather the washing of the feet of the Twelve by Our Lord. This shows us what the Lord does for us in the Holy Eucharist and by His Sacrifice upon the Cross.
The liturgy gives the priest celebrant the option of re-enacting this. The rubrics state that the priest is to wash the feet of men who have been chosen. (There is no number specified by the rubrics, but traditionally it is of twelve men.)
Unfortunately, some of my brothers think otherwise. In some places, in the name of inclusivity, women and children are chosen for the group. (Boston has specific permission from Rome to this. Likely so that poor Cardinal O'Malley doesn't have to deal with more grief.) In other places, the deacons and even lay ministers wash feet along with the priest. In a different abuse mode, there is a revolving conga line of foot washing: one person's feet are washed, they s/he washes the next, etc....
However, the one that drives me absolutely bonkers is practice of the congregation washing each other's hands. COME ON PEOPLE! Who washed hands during the Triduum? That's right, Pontius Pilate. Do we really want to emulate him?
The thinking behind these abuses is what is really the problem. First, like it or not the Apostles were men. This itself is a good reason to follow the rubrically restriction. Second, why would anyone but the priest need to do this. I think some of my brothers are embarrassed by their priesthood. Heaven forbid they should be able to do something that the laity cannot do. Third, anyone trying to bring 'creativity' and 'relevance' to the liturgy in this way should be beaten with an aspergillum until they recognize the difference between congregational hand washing and the washing of feet by the celebrant.
Sign of Pilate? No thanks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Name Meme (Part III).

My third middle name is Athanasius. This is my confirmation name. If I ever entered religious life, this would be my preferred name. (Malachi would be a close second.) Also, if I were ever elected Pope, this would be my 'pope name'. (Yes, I know that there has never been one, but face it, it would scare the crap out of the heretics.)
A-AB+, my blood type.
T-(St.) Thomas Aquinas, my favorite theologian.
H-Hohenzollern, the Prussian royal family that needs to be restored.
A- (St.) Anthony of Padua, patron of my last parish.
N- Nerd, no explanation necessary.
A- AR-15, a fun rifle.
S- Sam, my secretary's youngest son. (OK, I am hitting the bottom of the barrel.)
I- Igor, not a character in the original Frankenstein movie.
U- Utah, where I was born and where I live. Also, home of America's most powerful weirdos.
S- Saturn, the brand of car I drive.

And now I am done with this #$#%#ing meme!!

Holy Week Schedule.

Just so you know why I have been slacking off on posting.

Monday: 2 Masses, 3 hrs of Confessions.
Tuesday: 1 Mass, 3 hrs of Confessions.
Wednesday: 3 Masses (1 Funeral), 3 hrs of Confessions, Rehersal with the Triduum altar servers.
Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord's Supper, 2 hrs of Confessions.
Good Friday: Liturgy of the Lord's Death, 3 hrs of Confessions, Solemn Stations of the Cross.
Holy Saturday: Building the Easter Fire (muahahahaa!!!), Easter Vigil with all the readings and 20 converts.
Easter Sunday: 3 Masses, 2 baptisms, nap.

Be A Parent To Your Kids: They Have Enough Friends Already.

I always include this point when I preach/teach on the family. Too many parents try to be friends/buddies to their kids instead of being what the kids really need, parents. Children need parents to discipline, protect, guide, and respect.

Those in authority in the Church need to remember this also. Pastors need to be fathers to their flocks, not brothers, not 'one of the boys'. We are called 'father' for a reason.

Much the same can be said of the relationship of bishops to priests. It needs to be paternal, not fraternal. We priests have many priest brothers, but only (normally) have one father/bishop. Many bishops opt for the fraternal. Bernardin introduced himself to Chicago saying, "I am your brother Joseph." (MEEEP--wrong answer.) Even the Old ICEL translation of the Chrism Mass gets this one wrong. (Oh how I long to dance on the grave of Old ICEL and the Consilium.) The Latin for the bishop's address to his priests correctly translates as "My Dearest Sons". Old ICEL reduces this to "My brother". I am hoping that the new translation fixes this. (As well as putting an end to the monkeying with the Chrism Mass that occurs in some places.) More importantly, I am praying that the false egalitarianism behind this thinking goes the way of the dodo.

I Feel Like This Guy

Well the results of The 2008 Catholic Blog Awards are in. And yet again the big O has gone down in flames. Can't feel too bad, however, since the big winners are the Famous Father Z, The New Liturgical Movement, the Creative Minority Report, and Jesterius Magnus. (And the weenies at Vox Nobrain lost.) Oh well, there is always next year--but I will have to come up with better threats.

Ode To G.I. Joe

A tribute to the king of action figures--the 12 inch GI Joe!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Missionaries Behaving Badly.

Likely, you read about this elsewhere. But it case not, here is what happened.

Catholic parish votes on whether to seek charges against LDS missionaries

SAN LUIS, Colo. (AP) - Members of the Sangre de Cristo parish of the Roman Catholic Church voted to pursue criminal charges against three Mormon missionaries who allegedly vandalized a shrine and committed sacrilegious acts in the church.
The Pueblo Chieftain reported that church members saw photos on the Web showing the Mormons in the shrine. Although the incidents occurred in 2006, they only came to the attention of the parish when they were seen on the Internet site "Photobucket."
Alonzo Payne, a parishioner and lawyer, said he was asking the Costilla County Sheriff to pursue charges on behalf of the parish.
Sheriff's Corporal Scott Powell told the Pueblo Chieftain the men, who were not identified, could face up to six charges, including felonies for criminal mischief and conspiracy.
President Robert Fotheringham of the Colorado Springs Mission, in charge of the LDS church's missionary program in parts of four states, and whose region includes the San Luis Valley, declined to release names of the missionaries. He confirmed the three missionaries seen in the photos, which have been removed from the Internet, were Mormon missionaries. He said they would be disciplined, though he declined to go into detail.
He said the church did not condone the acts.
Obviously these 19 & 20 year-olds are none too bright. Committing criminal and sacrilegious acts and then posting them on the net trespasses on Darwin Award territory. Doing it while on a religious mission boggles the mind. I have no doubt the Mormon authorities are sincere in their disapproval of these actions. However, it really shouldn't surprise them. After all, they are taught that the Catholic Church is "the great and abominable church"and "the Whore of Babylon". As a friend wrote me, "Just goes to show we are still the "Great Whore of Babylone" in their eyes."

There Is Going To Be A Big Dinner Tonight At GI Joe HQ!

(or fun with road kill.)

Zuccetto spin to Chief MSgt. Gus

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Day Of Nerd Mourning

(From Adrenaline Vault)

Gamers everywhere mourn the loss of one the industry’s founding fathers. Gary Gygax, who died on Tuesday at age 69, invented Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), among the first, and certainly the most influential, of the role-playing games which had their roots in fantasy literature and which, though they often used no more than pencils, paper and dice, had an immense impact on computer gaming. In one poll Gygax tied with JRR Tolkien (in 13th place) for his influence on gaming in general.
D&D sprang from Chainmail, a miniatures wargame which Gygax had devised with Jeff Perren in 1971. By this stage, Gygax’s devotion to gaming had led him to organize a convention (there were around a score at the first meeting) in his basement. From this start he met David Arneson, with whom he was to create D&D, and the meetings developed into GenCon, which now attracts tens of thousands of gamers each year.
He is survived by his wife Gail Carpenter, three sons and three daughters.

As you may have guessed, when younger I played D&D and many other pencil and paper RPGs. (I even worked in a hobby store that sold them.) Thanks for the fun Gary! (But you owe me for many hours of lost sleep.)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Name Meme (Part II)

Gem rightly guessed that I would have either multiple middle names or a big middle name, but for the wrong reason. It is not due to my krautitude, but rather to the fact that I became a Catholic as a (semi) adult. Middle name #2 is my baptismal name.

P- Papist. (Yes, I am aware that this was originally an insult, but I still like it.)
E- Erasmus. A saint whose feast was on my birthday under the pre-1970 calendar.
T- Toughy. The name of my childhood bulldog.
E- Ecumenical. What I am not; at least in the conventional sense.
R- Roman. (See letter P).

(Apologies for the sparse posting of late. The Gunny puppy is occupying a lot of my time.)