Thursday, February 14, 2008

Road Adventures With Gunny.

Tuesday, I left Ogden around Noon to travel over to Grand Junction, CO to pick up GSgt. Leonides Horatio Freiherr von Richtsteig (aka Gunny). The trip itself was uneventful. (Except for a brief stop in Carbon County to arrange for the making of prints of our icon of Our Lord, S. Mary Magdalene, and S. James the Just and too brief visits with some good friends.) On Wednesday, I poked around Grand Junction. It seems like a nice town and their Museum of the West rocks. I picked up Gunny from his Breeders--very nice folks and expected to be at my mom's in Salt Lake around 6:30 pm. Gunny travels very well. All was well until we hit the US 6 death highway between Helper and Spanish Fork. (One of the 10 most dangerous highways in the US and in my former parish of St. Anthony's.) The snow was coming down very heavy and all of a sudden traffic ground to a halt for about 4 hours due to a Semi wreck. Even after this, traffic into Salt Lake averaged about 20 mph on the Interstate. I ended up hitting mom's about Midnight.

Katiedog and Gunny are getting along very well and he checks out well with the vet. I think I need a nap now.
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