Thursday, January 03, 2008

"So, how was Rome?"

I have gotten that question about a zillion times since returning from our pilgrimage last month. The short answer is great. How could a trip to the Eternal City not be?

There were, however, two things I did not like:

1) All the #$%#$ Graffiti! It seems that Gangsta 'culture' has been exported to Italy. There is gang style graffiti everywhere. If this is what we send out to the rest of the world, may God help us! I have often thought that spray paint should be banned--period.

2) Odd decoration of altars. What is with placing two candles on one side of the altar and a freakin potted plant on the other? Asymmetry is bad, mmmkay? But a feakin potted plant? These are churches not fern bars. And don't get me started about beautiful baroque churches with beautiful high altars and incredibly ugly and unnecessary 'people's' altars.
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