Friday, January 25, 2008

Over My Dead, Burnt, and Bleeding Body

This would be my reply if I were ever asked to send catechists to the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress held in Anaheim. Not only does it educate for liturgical non-sense(check the web in early March for picture of the latest liturgical hippie jam bands and accompanying Dancing Daughters of Penelope), but, and far more importantly, the speakers and topics are almost all atrocious. Take a look at the speaker list. We have: Scott Appleby of Notre Dame, a perennial Call to Action shill; Fr. Gerald Coleman, former rector of St. Patrick's Seminary, and noted dissenter from the Church's teaching of homosexual behavior; another failed seminary rector Donald Cozzens; Fr. Michael Crosby, Franciscan dissenter from Milwaukee; the comedy team of Sr. Fran Ferder and Fr. John Heagle (I was once present at a conference where they decried the evils of hetero-sexism and suggested that we talk to genitalia); Goddess worshipper and foe of recording devices Edwina Gateley; musical vandals Haaugen and Haas; Fr. Brian Massingale, supporter of Gay Marriage (must not make fun of name, must not make fun of name); Timothy Radicliffe OP (and NUT) former Dominican Master General and heretic; and Fr. Ronald Rollheiser, writer of vacuous columns for Catholic papers. Those are just the ones whose names I recognized. The question is why are these people being invited and paid to educate catechists? Obviously, because the powers that be want to propagate their views.

Unfortunately, by attending and sponsoring attendance, many dioceses and parishes are making sure that next year we will be getting more of the same. Until and unless the speakers' list and liturgies are cleaned up, don't go and don't help anyone else go. Even if you don't believe the nonsense spewed and stick to the minimum number of good speakers (I admit I would like to hear the Everts and John Allen), the crap is being supported by your registration fees and attendance.
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