Monday, December 10, 2007

Update on my friend Dave

Before going to Rome, I ask for your prayers for my friend Dave who was badly burned. Here is an update from his wife Stephanie:

Hi Everyone!

It had been 24 days since I'd heard David's voice and my heart is now flying! I was able to call the ICU desk at the German clinic and talk to David through the remote control thingy in his room.
I just want to sum up his progress:
* His skin grafts look VERY good
* Tomorrow they will remove his tracheotomy
* He signed his own release for tomorrow's surgery
* He's off anti-biotics
* Today he was able to get out of bed on his own, stand-up, turn and sit in a chair (the nurses said David is their FIRST patient ever to do this the first time by himself)
* They are leaving him to heal one more week on his own and then next week they'll reassess for more grafts
* They want him up and walking this week
* The doctor told David they've gone from talking about how many months until he can return to Denver to how many weeks
Here's another interesting fact: the last weekend we were there, one of the doctors was updating us on David and said we surely know the such-n-such burn index...he said that if a person's age (David's 41) added to the percentage of the body (60%) burned equals 100, there is only a 10% chance of survivability. He said there were other factors that adjusted the index, one of which was the patient's health. Another one of those miraculous dominoes that had been put into affect was that David had been kickboxing, lifting weights and doing yoga every day.
THANK YOU GOD!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!! Again, please don't stop praying now!

P.S. We cannot thank ALL OF YOU ENOUGH for your prayers! This is the best news that we have received in 3 1/2 weeks. He is obviously making great strides. He now knows the % of his burns.
He is determined to do something new every day. There have been soooo many big and little miracles! All of the involved families believe this to be true. We also know that prayers are coming from Northern Ireland, New Zealand, etc., etc. We have heard from so many that these e-mails pleading for prayers have been sent onto family members/friends who in turn forward them to others. It is truly through the grace of God hearing these prayers that he is alive for one of the miracles. Truly this is the VERY BEST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! Blessings to all of you!
Appreciatively, Doug and Mary Terese (Dave's in-laws).

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