Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I survived Christmas

Thanks to God's grace, Christmas Eve dinner at the Collon's, the new parish phone system that screens out the 'what time is midnight Mass' calls, Theraflu, and the good people of the parish, I survived Christmas.

Between the Theraflu and Hall's drops, I was able to subdue Kermit enough to chant the prayers of the Mass, but not the preface. I got to use my new white maniple and Euroclero biretta. (Pictures will be forthcoming.) All four of our Masses (Vigil, Midnight, Dawn, and Day all with the requisite prayers and readings) were very well attended despite the heavy snow dropped on Christmas Eve. Our musicians did an especially nice job this year, particularly our new children's choir. (My organist Michael had lots of fun with the Zimmelbells.)

After the last Mass, I bundled Katiedog and myself into the car for the journey to mom's. Once there, it was time to open my presents. (RC helicopter--SCORE--and the requisite bulldog calendars). After presents, it was time to eat --Christmas is a diet hiatus. After food, time for a nice dosing of Theraflu and sleep. I spent most of today sleeping and lounging around mom's. Tomorrow will likely be more of the same with a trip out to the Great Salt Lake to make sure that the scuppers on my boat are clear and functioning. (More snow is on the way!)

Alas, back to work Friday morning.
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