Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thomas v. Gum

Thomas, the official Orthometer gunboy, has had a close encounter of the gum kind. As his mom writes,

I can't get the gum off him.. tried it all. He was playing with it and he pulled it out of his mouth and said "It juts got on my eyes"
I have tried
Peanut Butter
WD40 I know I shouldn't have
Baby Oil
Olive Oil
A warm rag
I even had him chew another piece of gum to put on it to pull it off.. but he kept playing with the gum.. Lesson NOT learned.
I have tried to cut it out and it pulls to hard. There must have been super glue in that gum.
etc.. nothing works

any suggestions welcome.
If you have any ideas, please post and I will forward them to his mom.
PS See, gum is EVIL!
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