Monday, October 29, 2007

Mail:hate and otherwise

I know the blogging has been thin of late. The dog died. Then there was the trip to and from EWTN. And then there was cleaning up from the trip to EWTN.
Of course, I had Pastor stuff waiting for me when I got home; phone calls to return, checks to sign, etc.... But, I also had a good deal of feedback from The Journey Home appearance to deal with. It fell into the following categories: supportive praise, questions relating to the topic, thoughtful critiques (largely from Mormons), and flaming hate mail (all from Mormons and one a rather nasty post on this blog from a relative.) All but the last category I didn't mind, especially the thoughtful critiques. Disagreement is good for the brain. It helps one to clarify ones thoughts and arguments. The hate mail is another matter. It seemed to boil down to, "You are a nasty man because you said things we don't like." I didn't bother to respond to the hate mail, except for the post. But if I had, I would have made two main points. First, ad hominum arguments don't work. Attacking the arguer doesn't affect the argument. Second, it helps to actually listen to the argument, before taking issue.
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