Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Speaking of California...

A relative of a parishioner was visiting here last weekend. Like his brother, he discovered that it is fun to yank my chain. "Hey Father, what do you think of Martin Luther." "He was a heretic," I replied. "Well, a couple of years ago at a class in (blank), Bishop (name withheld) said that he was a hero and a saint in heaven. What do you think of that?" "That bishop is a heretic too. Luther would have been lucky to make it to Purgatory."

I vaguely remember reading of a mystic who claimed that Luther was in Purgatory and would remain there until the last soul that his doctrine deceived was released.

Luther and the others commonly referred to as reformers were not. They were rebels. The real reformers were people like S. Theresa of Avila, S. Pius V, and S. Charles Borromeo.
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