Saturday, September 01, 2007

Caption Contest Results

Here are the results for the caption contest. The winner is Al, aka Bill the Cat, for "SHHHHHHHHH!!!! Be veewy vewy quite, I'm hunting 'HARE'etics!" Every time I read it, I hear it in Fudd voice and can't stop laughing. Al, a Mass will be said for your intention (as long as it has nothing to do with Jeane Kirkpatrick. :) ) Close seconds are: The Caveman for,"Yippie-ki-yay, meus frater" ; Dim Bulb for, "Excuse me, ma'am. Did a whiny Swiss theologian just run by here?" and "I can shoot a copy of McBrien's CATHOLICISM out of the hand of a seminarian at fifty paces" and "When the albino monks fail, they call me."; and Viscount Sir Regular Paul for, "I am their shepherd. They are my flock. Back off." A Mass for the collective intentions of all who participated will also be offered. (Hmmm, I am starting to feel like Dumbledore at the end of the year feast.) A special award to Vincenzo for the the cool picture. He gets a special Mass for his intention. And finally Mass will be offered for Digi's dad because a) she came up with the idea and b) he served our country.
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