Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pet Peeve: Overlay Stoles

I stole this picture from Gerald over at the Closed Cafeteria. (It is used in a post with the Batshit Crazy worthy title of Der Hippiebunker.) Notice that the celebrant is wearing his stole on top of the chasuble. This is one of my pet peeves and I have intended to write about it for a while.

This is a liturgical abuse that has unfortunately become all too common. The rubrics are quite clear that the stole is to be worn under the chasuble, not on top. The excuses I've heard for this are a) it was designed to be worn like this or b) this way the people can see the beautiful (?) stole. Neither of these hold water. Don't buy or make stoles that are to be worn in an inappropriate fashion. The purpose of the stole is not visibility for the people. Admittedly, this is a relatively minor abuse, but it does foster the attitude that the liturgy is a plaything for people's whims. And so, "Bad Hippie! Wear your stole under the chasuble!"

(Pet peeves coming soon: Frisbee Hosts and Homemade Hosts.)
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