Monday, August 20, 2007

Great Wedding

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of concelebrating the nuptial Mass of my friends Jan and Monica Sikorski. Jan and Monica graduated from Notre Dame this spring and will be working for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend as chastity educators while Jan is pursuing a graduate degree in Theology.
It was a very beautiful and reverent Mass at the Cathedral of the Madeline. The principal celebrant is a member of the Law School faculty at Notre Dame and has the honor of being only the second orthodox Franciscan (OFM) I have ever met. The music was all good. (Dang it! I should have saved the program so I could post exactly what was played--suffice it to say, no Gory & Graze.) At this Mass, the bride's youngest brother Peter (Monica is one of seven) made his First Holy Communion. Oh, and the best man is a seminarian studying at the North American College.
The reception was fun also--first time I have ever heard the Notre Dame Fight Song sung at a wedding reception. Among the attendees were Matt and Emily of the Holy Whapping Shrine. The Catholic conversation was great and the food good; even if the beer was overpriced. (Well, it is Utah.)
Future brides and grooms take note. This is how you should be dressed at your wedding. The bride wore a nice, modest white dress. The groom wore a black tux. (No Madonna/Lounge Lizard wannabees here!)
Update: The bride's mother tells me that the dress was obtained from Beautifully Modest.

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