Tuesday, August 21, 2007

B. O. H. I. C. A.

Pronounced Bow-hee-kah. (Bend Over Here It Comes Again.) Which is exactly what I thought when I read this Dark Horizon post on Bill Maher's latest project.

Maher's "Religious" Christens Easter
By Garth Franklin

Monday August 20th 2007 7:58am

Comedian Bill Maher revealed to Larry King that his new documentary may be called "Religulous" (a combination of religion and ridiculous) and is aiming for a release next Easter. Directed by Larry Charles (Borat), it follows Bill Maher’s take on the current state of world religion and travels to some extreme locations around the world for interviews including Jerusalem, Vatican City and Salt Lake City. Maher says that they were given amazing access to a lot of locations which have never been filmed before including the Wailing Wall, the dome of the rock, and even inside the Vatican. Lionsgate will distribute. A clip of Maher talking about the project is up on Youtube.

Hmm, how sensitive of him to mock us on Easter. (Maher is a notoroius anti-Catholic with a long track record.) I wonder what curial dork let him film inside the Vatican?
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