Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wanted: a non-squeamish lectionary

Those who were at Mass in the Latin Rite this weekend heard the wonderful story of Abraham bargaining with the LORD over the fate of Sodom. (You have been to Mass, RIGHT?) From 50 innocent men down to 10. (I thank God that I never will have to try to sell a used car to Abraham. I would probably end up paying him money.) A great reading but there is a problem with it. It leaves out "the rest of the story." Where is the description of the sin of Sodom, the attempted rape of the angels, and the destruction of the city. It puts a whole new spin on the story when you realize that there were not even 10 just men in the city. Plus, in a world trying to normalize and regularize homosexual behavior, we need to hear from the Sacred Scripture that it is wrong. Admittedly, you can't have everything in the lectionary. But there does seem to be a deliberate effort to leave out whatever offends modern sensibilities. (Rather like what certain spineless ones did in making the reading of part of Colossians optional.)

I want a lectionary that doesn't leave out the 'uncomfortable' bits. (However, as you will see later today, this lack did not slow me down.)
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