Thursday, July 19, 2007

More dumb things the neighbors say

In the Salt Lake Tribune, we have started to have letters to the editor regarding their dumb article on the psuedo-flap concerning the Papal teaching that, by gosh and golly, the Roman (not just Latin Rite) Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ while he was on earth.

The first comes from a retired American Baptist preacher. (For those who don't know, American Baptist are liberal baptists.) This one was the pastor of a high school friend of mine. He never mentioned that the preacher was a smart-ass however.

Which one is The One?
Public Forum Letter

I get giddy when popes and prophets make exclusive claims on the behalf of their churches being "The One True Church" (Tribune, July 11). After years of ecumenical dialogues, I thought I knew what ecumenism was all about. Now the pope says we misunderstood. We Baptists and other free-church types are illegitimate after all. The lesson is that when Mormons and Catholics invite you over for dialogue and understanding, take lots of salt! I have always been under the impression that it's not the particular church that saves us, it is our faith. I may be wrong about that, too. But before I change my mind, President Hinckley and Pope Benedict need to get together and decide which is "The One True Church" and who speaks for it.

Ellis Keck
Retired Baptist minister
Salt Lake City

Hmmm, what would I like to say to Pastor Keck? Something like this I think. "Hey smart-ass, sorry that you misunderstood what ecumenism is all about. Perhaps you think it is about accepting everyone as equals. Wrong again Hans! I mean Ellis. It is about understanding about what each party actually believes; where we agree and where we differ. It sounds like we are the ones who need to bring along the salt as you seem to be unwilling to listen to what we believe. Maybe if you had actually bothered to read the document you would have understood that this issue is not about who is saved but rather about which church can claim to have been founded by Christ. PS, you might want to see a doctor about your giddiness. They can treat that now."

The next is from some yahoo in the Salt Lake Suburb of Holladay.

Who's in first?
Public Forum Letter

Isn't it quite ironic that while the Roman Catholic Church is declaring its primacy among the world's churches, the Catholic diocese in Los Angeles is paying out a whopping $660 million to settle the largest sexual abuse case to the victims of clergy abuse? And another article recently discussed a sexual abuse case involving the LDS Church. I'm so thankful that my salvation and eternal destiny don't depend on any church dueling for first place, but rather on the Word of God. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6 Churches are meant to be places of worship, learning, fellowship and service to others, not alienation, separation and abuse.

Nancy Wilferd

"Hey Nancy, your sense of irony need a lot of work. Be that as it may, my salvation depends on the Word of God too. But that Word isn't a book. It is a person; the God/Man Jesus Christ. He established His Church, the Roman Catholic, to bring that salvation into your life and mine. It is that Church that preserved and preserves the Faith and in fact gave you the Bible. Want to come to Jesus? Come to His Church. By the way, if the presence of Judas didn't invalidate, the work of Jesus, then I don't see how the LA situation, which was caused by people ignoring the clear teaching of the Catholic Church, affects the validity of the Pope's claims."
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