Thursday, July 12, 2007


The visually challenged T.O. has zapped me with the "Why I love Jesus" Meme.

The Rules:
Those tagged will share 5 things they "love" about Jesus. Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers. Those tagged will provide a link in the comments section here with their name so that others can read them.

1) He lived and died for ME! All to commonly, we say that Jesus died for men. The connotation is that He died for everyone and we as individuals are just along for the ride. Wrong! Jesus is God. He knew that He was living, suffering, and dieing for each of us as individuals. He cares about ME!

2) He gives me Himself! Jesus doesn't just give us things or stuff. Jesus gives Himself to us. We see this most clearly in the Holy Eucharist.

3) He is with us! Jesus didn't just do a bunch of stuff for us and then leave us. He is with us always. (See #2).

4) He has a sense of humor! The Lord could even be biting and sarcastic. What, you thought "Whitened Sepulchres" was a complement?

5) Jesus is not a Care Bear! He could and did get angry. In witness to this note the quote found on the header over at Catholic Pillow Fight: "When someone asks you 'think about what Jesus would do', remember that a valid option is to freak out and turn over tables"
(If you want to be tagged, you are.)
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