Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hard week

This last week, we had two funerals. The first was an 'ordinary' funeral. The deceased was an older man who had been sick for some time. He died surrounded by his family. (What was unusual was that the family knew the responses when I gave him the last rites!) He funeral was well attended with lots of family and friends. The second was anything but ordinary. It was for a 19 year old young man who, after struggling with severe depression, took his own life. As his family had switched to another parish several years before I came, I didn't know him personally. But I certainly had heard about him from his classmates at our local Catholic high school. He was one of those people who deeply affected those around him. The funeral was celebrated by a priest who is a friend of the family. The church was packed with family, friends, and former teachers. It was heart-wrenching to see them try to cope with the situation. Please keep Willie, Shane, and their families and friends in your prayers.
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