Friday, July 06, 2007

Fun with homeschoolers

Today I was over at Mary's Muse's for a barbecue in honor of two of her sons' birthdays. There were a couple other home schooling families present. I love homeschoolers. They are very fun to be around and you can always count on interesting conversation from both the parents and the kids. (Also, I got to meet a couple dogs, a rabbit, three guinea pigs, a dragon, and assorted fish.)

On of the parents was mentioning another family that homeschools in the classical tradition and how once she overheard the children discussing how to decline the word fart in Latin. Now, I know that there is a real Latin word for intestinal gas. However, I think it would be more fun in Latglish. (Kinda like Spanglish, but with Latin.) For the noun I thing it would be something like Fartus, Farti. For a verb; Farto, Fartare. And some people say homeschoolers have no sense of humor.
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