Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Required blogger reading (good for others too)

Jeffrey Smith, would be slayer of the unicorn, over at Roving Medievalist has a thoughtful and helpfully blunt post on the state of the Catholic Blogosphere. (Heck, you have to read any post entitled "Bat Shit Crazy!") While the main thrust of Roving Medievalist is posting beautiful photos of things medieval (without the usual romanticized nonsense usually attached to the Middle Ages), when Jeffrey make a comment, it is always worth reading and taking seriously even if you do not agree with it. In this post he takes to task what could be called the traditionalist fringe of St. Blog. There is a complete analysis of this faction. He concludes with this, "We also have something else. We have the soft-spoken ordinary Catholics who tend to be drowned out by the cacophony produced by a hundred two-bit, tin-horn, little anti-popes all in full bellow about why they're right. As far as I'm concerned, we should all cut the crap and join them. Maybe the Catholic blogosphere might start being more help than hindrance, then. Maybe we should all just stop trying to have our own way and just be Catholics." Great point, especially because we all need to fight the tendency, if only in our own minds, to remake the Church in our own image.
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