Friday, June 15, 2007

Motu mania!

The famous Fr. Z has a couple of post pointing at the immanent arrival of the Motu Proprio on the Traditional Rite. If his intelligence is correct, it may be out before the papal summer camp at Castle Gandolfo.

I am almost sad to see it arrive. No, I still think it will be a very good thing for the Church. However, it will spell an end to much fun and speculation in the Roman Blogosphere. There could have been some great parodies. Think about Mr. Motu, a Japanese detective searching for the Motu in the bowels of the translation office. Or how about Baron Motu, nemesis of Marvel's Dr. Strange and secret force behind old-ICEL, using occult powers to distort the translation. Or imagine Monty Python doing a sketch in which the Spanish Inquisition Cardinals play there own version of Marco Polo with the Motu. "Motu!" "Proprio!" Alas, it looks as though it is not meant to be.

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