Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Junk Science is, well, junk science.

The Roving Medievalist, in addition to his attempt at pulling a Tony Soprano on Charlie, also mentions a Rocco Palma report that Vatican attempts to lessen its infamous carbon footprint. He hopes that, "this sort of thing might lessen the half-assed, Limbaughesque buffoonery we tend to hear in the American Catholic blogosphere, but I doubt it. Some of these people would never even consider the opinion of any Pope as equal to that of Fox News." I doubt it too. Not because I embrace the dual Papal/Fox Magisterium of some of my brothers in the GOP, but because I have yet to be persuaded that Human Caused Global Warming is a fact. Certainly, there are some dopes out there who will reject anything not in line with their conservative ideology, but many of us recognize the current Global Warming hysteria as another attempt by the left to advance their ideology through suspect science. The harm of this will be the people who say, "see even the Vatican believes in Global Warming." The problem is that the Church has no special competency when it comes to science and bad science can do a lot of harm. Want an example? Look at all the lives that were and are being lost to malaria due to the DDT hysteria of the 60s and 70s.
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