Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dare to be stupid!

New addition to the Orthometric Blogroll Ad Dominum has a post about some bat-shit-crazy Southern Baptists who thought it was a good idea for their church to host racist karaoke with three white guys in black face 'singing' along with prerecorded hymns sung by black singers. These folks are either a) racist jerks b) stupid beyond belief, in either case they deserve some type of creative punishment that ought not to be mentioned in public.

Sometimes stupidity is awe-inspiring. When I was in elementary school back in the polyester days of the 70s, our school had a Black History Month program. This was back when Utah was even more Caucasian than it is now. The second grade teacher thought it would a good idea and appropriate for her students to sing minstrel songs in black face. My teacher was struck dumb by the dumbness of it all. I still remember her talk to our class about why this was wrong.
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