Thursday, May 17, 2007

Speaking of holy days...

Tomorrow is a VERY IMPORTANT FEAST DAY. No, not the feast on the Universal Calendar, Pope St. John I, martyr. Rather, May 18th is the Feast of St. Erik of Sweden, martyr, a much more important saint! Didn't know there is a Saint Erik? Here is some information about him:

St. Erik IX of Sweden
Martyred king of Sweden, the author of the Code of Uppland or King Erik’s Law. A devout Christian, Erik spread the faith through out the nation after his crowning in 1150. He campaigned against the pagan Finns and persuaded Bishop Henry of Uppsala, an Englishman, to remain in mis­sionary service in Finland. Erik was slain by Swedish nobles who were allies of Prince Magnus of Denmark. They beheaded him near Uppsala as Magnus’ army entered the region. Erik was never officially canonized but is patron of Sweden.

His relics are still preserved in the occupied Cathedral in Uppsalla. The Catholic Cathedral of Stockholm is under his patronage.
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