Thursday, May 24, 2007

Haunted by "The Spirit of Vatican 2"

This humble little blog has been reviewed by the blog of Spirit of Vatican 2 Catholic Community. It was rated as PH,C+,T,F,O,R. This means PH - Phariseeism, C - Clericalism, T - Traditionalism, F - Funny Languages, O - Offensive (anti-womyn, anti-GLBTNA, etc), and R - Republican. They even created a new category C+ for extreme clericalism for the BIG O! SCORE!!! They were even concerned that my opinion of Earth Day might offend their Social Justice Minister Che Lovell. (Hey Che, this picture is for you.) Well it looks as though I must be doing something right. The only thing that could be better is if I were commended by the National 'Catholic' Distorter.

(Seriously, Spirit of Vatican 2 Catholic Church is a very funny parody blog. Though I doubt that the liberal parishes that they lampoon would find them amusing: they hit way too close to home.)

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