Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day (or why the priest is a bad son)

The Crescat posted that she had a bad Mom's day. She writes, " 'Mother like Mary' is the popular refrain. You know what? That's all fine and dandy but who really has a child like Jesus? I'm pretty confident that Mary didn't have to raise her voice and repeat Herself when she needed Jesus to do something for Her. I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't leave his sandals flung all over the house. And I think I can safely assume He never once sassed His mother or screamed 'I hate you! This is SO unfair!'." Kat is right. I am sure Jesus never told His Mom He hated her. (Though, since being cluttered is not a sin, I am not so sure about the sandals.) As any duffer who tries to measure up to Tiger Woods can tell you, our role models can give us inspiration, but we shouldn't be surprised or disappointed if we can't be just like them. The great thing about the saints is that they aren't just role models, they are intercessors who obtain for us the grace of God in following Jesus. Anyway, I am sure Kat has many better Mother's Days in the future.

My mom likes to tell me, "Now I know how Mary felt." Usually, this comes out when I have to cut short a phone call for 'priest business', I can't visit her on my normal day off because of a wedding or funeral, or when I can't be with her on Mother's Day because, well, Sunday is a work day. This year I had a substitute priest making an appeal so I was able to surprise her and be in Salt Lake on Sunday. (I was mean. I didn't tell her ahead of time.)

I hope she had a good day, because Mom has earned it. Like Kat, she raised her son alone. Boy, did I put her through the wringer. Just about every other year I mention the 'give your 10 year old son wine on Christmas Eve so he will sleep incident' or 'how I learned Brussels Sprouts were created by the Devil when I was six incident' in a homily. I am the kid who put the bobby pin in the light socket, grabbed the shiny orange thing in the oven, locked mom out of the trailer, swallowed a marble and caused her to invent the Heimlich Maneuver, was (and is) a backyard pyro, was a teenager, and drove my car into a telephone pole. In spite of all this, I turned out relatively OK with a lot of help, much of it from mom. So parents, there is always hope!
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