Tuesday, April 03, 2007

All hail our black-robed masters!

Well, the leftist, judicial activist section of the Supreme Court strikes again. In a 5-4 decision, the wise and learned elite has decreed that the EPA must consider carbon dioxide a pollutant. They have also decreed that we are all to bow down before the altar of the demigod Algore and make our profession of belief in Global Warming. At least some of the justices have not interpreted their position as deification. The dissents quite properly pointed out that this is an issue for the executive and legislative branches, not the judicial. (Note also that with only one more justice who realized that it was his job to interpret and not make law, the outcome would have been different. 'Special thanks' to all the voters who last November made sure that this will not happen with the next Supreme Court appointment.)

On related Utah news, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (aka Busybody Granola MDs) have proposed the following to clean up our local air.
* Moratorium on new coal plants. Are they getting kick backs from OPEC?
* Mandatory state-of-the-art controls on existing plants. Are they going to pay for our higher power bills?
* Reduction of speed limit to 55 mph when air pollution exceeds federal standards. I suspect they want more Emergency Room traffic from the frustrated drivers.
* Offering public subsidies for mass transit to encourage free ridership and expanded service. Yes, please spend more of my tax money.
* Aiming for a 20 percent cut in pollution emissions through the Utah Air Quality Board. Ah, the liberal panacea, more regulation.
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