Saturday, March 31, 2007

DVDs on your doorstep

The local press here in Utah is all a buzz with the news that a Protestant, Evangelical group is distributing 350,000 DVDs pointing out their take on the errors of Mormonism. Here is The Salt Lake Tribune's take on it. From the tone of the coverage by the local TV stations you would have thought we were being invaded by rabid woodchucks: Anti-Mormon DVDs on YOUR DOORSTEP! News at 10!

OK, I am not too sympathetic. At least our Mormon friends didn't have to open their doors and listen to two well-scrubbed young Evangelicals in suits tell them that their church was in error (the Church of the Whore of Babylon). All they got was a DVD hanging from their doorknob. If they don't like it, well they have a nice skeet target or a new hot chocolate coaster. I am disappointed they didn't leave on the front door of the Fortress of Orthodoxy(TM). (Looking at it on their website, it seems to be a fairly accurate assessment of Mormonism, albeit from an Fundamentalist, Evangelical perspective.)

More interesting is what kid from my last parish called to tell me. (OK he is in his 20s, married, and has a job, but in my mind he will always be one of my altar servers.) He didn't get one either. He called to request one. When they found out he was Catholic, they launched into some fairly standard Anti-Catholic apologetics. The group is Good New for LDS. This is the first time I have heard of them. There is also a well established, Evangelical Anti-Catholic group named Good News for Catholics. This group also has a DVD; aimed at Catholics of course. I doubt that this is a coincidence and suspect that the groups are related.
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