Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm back

The last two days have been spent on the festivities surrounding the installation of my new bishop, The Most Rev. John Charles Wester, formerly an auxiliary of San Francisco. (I wish they could come up with a different term than installation. Whenever I hear it, I have mental images of the bishop being bolted to the floor of the Cathedral with an impact wrench.)

On Tuesday night, we had vespers for clergy and religious at one of the Salt Lake parishes. The music was provided by the Madeline Choir School (more about them in a bit). It was very nice and I was able to talk with one of our former bishops, William Weigand, now of Sacramento. Bishop Weigand baptised, confirmed, gave first communion, and ordained me to the diaconate and priesthood. Two years ago he received a liver transplant. It was wonderful to see him looking so healthy.

The installation was on Wednesday at 1:00 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it had to be by invitation only. But, this was preferable to holding it in an athletic arena. The Cathedral of the Madeline was filled to capacity. I have never personally seen so many bishops in one place. (Admittedly, Utah is not a hotbed of episcopal activity.) The Mass was very well done: no liturgical dance, no semi-pagan blessings of the four directions, and the music was superb. The Madeline has a choir school. The student learn real music; no Hagen/Hass. (I would have preferred some chant, but the polyphony was glorious.) Bishop Wester gave a good, but very long homily. (I suspect that there is a secret part of episcopal ordinations where they remove the ability to speak briefly.) The Mass lasted three and a half hours. The only blights on the splendid even were the presence of the leftist, homophile, peacenik Mayor of Salt Lake and the Episcopal Bishopette of Utah (women in Roman Collars give me the creeps.)

Please keep Bishop Wester in your prayers. He has a big job ahead of him. (After all, he has priests like me!)
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