Thursday, March 01, 2007

Catbox in the chapel

The lovely and twisted Crescat earlier this week posted this gem based on my ranting about kitty litter in the baptismal font.

As luck would have it, I do have a chapel catbox story from my time at the seminary. (nota bene: things at the sem have changed significantly for the better in the 14 years since my time there.)

During my last year there, the arts and environment nutjobs (aka art&enviro farts) decided that we needed at Zen sand garden in the seminary chapel. The question of why we needed a pagan artifact aside, the thing looked exactly like a litter box. During a late night bull session in the dorm lounge, several of us ortho types were ranting about it. One fellow suggested that we borrow a cat and let him use it. This was rightly seen as being over the top. Several of us then began to remember childhood experiences with Little Green Army Men in sandboxes. Desert Storm was still fresh in our minds. Wouldn't a nice LGAM battle scene really jazz up the catbox? As a group, none of us intended to make our dream a reality, but one guy took it upon himself to fulfill our vision. Presto! Operation Chapel Storm. The head art&enviro fart had a coronary about the 'sacrilege' in the chapel, but most of the guys had a good chuckle.

During Easter the catbox was transformed into a little pond with plants and fish. Wouldn't you know several rubber duckies also showed up in it.
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