Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wow! I didn't think that you could...

cross breed Jack Chick Anti-Catholicism and a rabid Pro-Abortion Ideology. But it seems that I was mistaken.

Father Joe published a very funny and insightful post comparing Fr. Drinan SJ with Davros (creator of the Daleks on Dr. Who). (I disagree, however, with his assertion that the Democrats were ever the party of the poor.) This was the first comment on his post:

Agatha Murray - February 1, 2007
Your two posts about Rev. Drinan are despicable and irresponsible. You sir are an evil person. You hide behind humor, but this is the dark truth. Rev. Drinan was a great American who knew full well that we had to set our own course and never surrender our freedoms to a foreign power like the Vatican. He made amends by his service for all those Jesuits before him who sought to undermine our liberties and self-determination. It was no wonder that the Polish Pope should force him out of office.
A woman has the right to determine what to do with her body. You have no right to impose your religious extremism upon any of us. The difficult decision of abortion is between a woman and her medical provider. She does not have to ask your permission or that of the Papist church.
The double-speak is yours! It is obvious that you really do not care about others. You are anti-Choice and a homophobe, truths you cannot honestly deny. How many great leaders like Lincoln have died at the hands of Catholic assassins seeking to extend Roman rule over our land? Probably more than we will ever know. Exterminate, indeed, it is your credo! Rev. Drinan was a renegade to you but a patriot to many of us. We could count on at least one Romanist priest being more American than Roman.
Where will you stop in taking away our freedoms? Will you force couples to have dozens of children? Will you tell us what clothes to wear and what work we should do? Will you censor to death our television and radio programs, movies, books and magazines? Will you bring back book burning? Next you will argue that Christians must close their churches and everyone must convert to Romanism and the ways of the Beast. It is rumored that the Antichrist already walks among us. Are you in his ranks?

What a nut job! A foreign ruler in Rome out to undermine our freedoms--Catholic assassins murdering freedom loving leaders (bet she had a ball with the DaVinci Code)--Catholicism is the religion of the Anti-Christ! Hmmm, I didn't know that Bob Jones had joined NOW.

(Zuccetto Spin to The Curt Jester)
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